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What Is App Fatigue & Why Is It a Security Issue?

The Impact of App Fatigue on Productivity and Cybersecurity in the Workplace The number of apps and web tools that em...


Phishing for Failure

IT or Not IT? The Comical Tale of Dodging Phishing Scams in the Office Jungle Short on time? Listen instead. Like ...

Just Five More Minutes, Honey
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Just Five More Minutes, Honey

Living with a Computer Engineer: A Roller Coaster of Emotions and Casper-like Encounters Short on time? Listen instea...

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These Everyday Objects Can Lead to Identity Theft

You wouldn’t think a child’s toy could lead to a breach of your personal data. But this happens all the time. What about...

Cyber Breach

E-File Website (eFile[.]com) was Infected With Malicious JavaScript Redirect

Unmasking the e-File Cybersecurity Risk: A Tax Season Alert for U.S. Tax Filers Short on time? Listen instead. Rec...

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How to Use the New Virtual Appointments in Microsoft Teams

Scheduling appointments is a common activity. Salespeople often set up virtual appointments to answer questions about a ...

Making Cybersecurity Training and Awareness an Organizational Priority
Business Continuity

Making Cybersecurity Training and Awareness an Organizational Priority

Prioritizing Cybersecurity Awareness and Training: Overcoming Barriers for Effective Organizational Security Short on...

"Untangling the Chaos: Organizing Office Devices and Cords
IT Management Productivity

Untangling the Chaos: Organizing Office Devices and Cords

A Quick Post about the perils of not knowing what cord goes where on your desk Short on time? Listen instead. Like...

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Check Out the Coolest Tech from CES 2023

At the beginning of each year, a group of global innovators meets. They introduce and show off breakthrough technologies...

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7 Customer-Facing Technologies to Give You an Advantage

Customers look for convenience. In today’s world that means technology that makes their life easier. From webforms to PO...


Prioritizing Privacy and Security in Medical Reception Areas

Short on time? Listen instead. A Cybersecurity Professional’s Perspective As a person with disabilities, I c...

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6 Things You Should Do to Handle Data Privacy Updates

Once data began going digital, authorities realized a need to protect it. Thus, the creation of data privacy rules and r...